Insurance rating Of insurance TOP. Rating of the insurance companies of the Ukraine. Insurance. Ratings, [renkingi], THE TOP -100
Periodical is the insurance rating Of insurance TOP. Rating of the insurance companies of the Ukraine

The insurance rating “Of insurance T[OR]” - leader in the region of assignment THE TOP -100 is rating insurance companies and information about the market for insurance and [perestrakhovaniya] in the Ukraine, the countries of the CIS and [Baltii], and also analytical services for the foreign investors.

Vocation of the insurance rating “Of insuranceT[OR]” - the information- analytical support of participants in the insurance market, transparent illumination and the acquaintance of professionals with the insurance markets.
After partners appear the journals “it is insurance to the right” and “”, which present information and statistics before the section of these forms: life insurance, social insurance, medical insurance, required insurance, the insurance of property, the insurance of the responsibility, HELMET, the insurance of loads and luggage, [OSAGO] (auto-citizen), [perestrakhovanie], auto-insurance and other classes of insurance.

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